I remember Karan Sir you said “understand the formula you will never require to learn” and so that mujhe costing ke formulas kabhi learn hi nahi karne pade…aur mujhe costing solve karte waqt hamesha maja aaya…

Padam Sir’s way to explain concepts, revision lecture, motivation, guidance and strategies for scoring good marks in theory subjects are the best…

Harshit Sir your books are fabulous…it covers an almost complete picture of ICAI material so I didn’t require you to refer to any other reference books…

Thank you so much Karan Sir, Padam Sir and Harshit Sir for your Support in my entire CA Journey…

CA Devendra Naval

Chartered Accountant

Karan sir is the best and qualified teacher for maths and costing. Sir has an amazing skill to discover the logic behind every concept. The teaching quality delivered by Sir is unique and understandable. Thank you so much sir for always guiding us in the proper way. I strongly recommend ‘Concept Academy’ for the great experience

Padam sir is one of the best faculty for law. Their teaching styles are remarkable. The logic behind every provision is clarified in easy ways that are understandable to students. It was my best decision to choose Insight academy.

Manali Chajjed

CA Finalist

I’ve joined CPT and Inter and had an amazing experience. Padam sir is well aware of what a student needs. Their teaching styles are iconic. Concept clarity is 100%. It is my best decision to choose Insight Academy.

Karan sir is a very well experienced and qualified teacher I had ever met for maths and costing. Sir devotes their time fully to clarify all the doubts and concepts of students. I like the way; Sir discovers the logic behind every concept. The teaching quality delivered by sir is remarkable. Thank you, Sir, for being there for us. I strongly recommend ‘Concept Academy’ for the best learning experience

Minal Badgujar

CA Finalist

Karan sir has a very unique style of teaching. He teaches each and every chapter with total concept clarity. He teaches everything from a very basic level that makes learning even easier. He is perfect when it comes to conceptual clarity and exam-oriented studies.

Padam sir teaches theory subjects from a practical angle that makes theory even more interesting. Also, he has a habit of making us repeat after him that helps too much in revisions.

Harshit sir made us learn everything from a practical point of view. He is very knowledgeable in his field. And his teaching style is also superb. He also made us go through the actual work we do in practical life.

Neha Kalantri

CA Inter, 521 marks out of 800 marks

Learning Subject like costing is not that easy but the way Karan Sir teach is awesome, I was very nervous at first but the way he teaches and interact with students makes students comfortable so that they can ask questions without nervousness, He is so kind and friendly and also serious at the time of studies, I learned a lot from you, sir, Thank you so much…

Neha Bansal

CA Inter

Karan Sir’s way of explaining the concept is great. Best faculty for costing. No one can replace him. His teaching style is unique and amazing. I feel really privileged to get an opportunity to learn from him. Thanks a lot.

Harshit Sir’s way of explaining concepts is just awesome. His motivational lecture gave me a new direction in life. He makes the subject simple and interesting. Thank you so much sir for your wonderful teaching.

Padam Sir notes are very helpful and his revision lectures gave me confidence. His way of explaining the topic with practical examples, helpful to make the concept clear. It’s just an awesome experience to learn from you. Thank you so much, sir.

Mansi Khairnar

CA Inter, 417 marks out of 800 marks

I studied Maths and Costing from Karan Sir and I really enjoyed the subject. Also, the derivation of formulas and logic behind that is one of the interesting parts of sir’s teaching. Regular Test papers and regular practice made the subject easier. Apart from Costing Sir has guided us so much about career options, how to focus on studies, helped solving doubts of other subjects also. I really enjoyed the subject and teaching style of Sir.

Shital Gohil

CA Finalist

Concept Academy = Conceptual clarity. This is what it meant for me. By taking Karan sir’s costing class, I have got full conceptual clarity due to which I was able to score exemption in costing. He is also a guide for me who showed trust in me for attempting both groups and under his guidance, I was able to clear both groups in one attempt. Thank you so much Karan sir😊

I loved the way how Harshit sir used to make memory techniques for audit. His memory techniques have helped me a lot to memorize audit in a simpler way and due to which I was able to score exemption in an audit. Thank you so much Harshit sir😊

With the help of Padam sir, I was able to clear my Law and Economics paper. His notes helped me a lot in understanding the subject. Thank you so much Padam sir😊

Ruchika Kankriya

CA Inter, 483 marks out of 800 marks

Harshit Sir makes subjects like audit very interesting and easy to understand.

Padam Sir’s way of explaining the logic behind the provision helps us understand even the most difficult provisions in a simple manner. He helps us to retain our attention during the lectures and his motivational lectures charge up the students for the exams.

Karan Sir’s approach to teaching Cost and Management Accounting has helped me to have a very strong understanding of the basic concepts which is useful at CA Final level as well. His way of teaching and logical explanation can help any student excel in the subject.

Rishabh Vyas

CA Inter, 449 marks out of 800 marks

Looking for the right place for CA studies? Well, you are already in the right place! I can say for sure that my decision, 3 years back, to learn under such dedicated faculties, was Absolutely Correct. Notes provided by them are always Authentic and Useful. Doubts do get solved quickly and their Teaching Pattern is simply Apt and Enthusiastic. My increasing results are proof of their guidance and support. I have great experience of learning under all these wonderful Faculties.

Akshata Chaudhari

CA Inter, 509 marks out of 800 marks

This is the best faculty for CA Foundation and Inter. Because of you all, the tough subjects like Costing, Law, Financial Management are easily understood and students are getting good scores in these subjects. Not only academically but otherwise also your support has made students like us believe that we can do it. So, you all are the best and thanks a lot for everything

Sakshi Bora

CA Inter

I am really grateful to have the support of these teachers. Conceptual foundation laid during CPT and carried the flow throughout the Intermediate course. The teaching with dual aspects of Theoretical knowledge followed by Practical implications acts as a catalyst for better and appropriate understanding. As a result of this, any tricky problem can be simplified and solved with accuracy.

Hemant Totla

CA Inter, 482 marks out of 800 marks

Securing an AIR in C.P.T was not a tough job because I always have the back of such a well experienced and motivating teacher. They are available for you every time. The most important thing I have learned and experienced from them is conceptual Clarity… rather from my own experience, I would say conceptual Clarity & practice is the path to secure AIR whether it is CPT/Intermediate.

Knowledge with Fun is what I experienced and You will…!

Harsh Agrawal

CA Inter, 589 marks out of 800 marks

Karan Sir is a very experienced and knowledgeable person and he keeps his teaching conceptual, effective, engaging and fun. He is patient and supportive all the time. You will also no longer need to worry about your budget to continue to book CA Classes with Karan sir because he offers such good classes for reasonable prices.

Padam Sir is a good Mentor who is very knowledgeable and conveys her knowledge with simple Words, Highly recommended. He also solves the confusion about what to write when a particular question comes. He is very Attentive to the needs of students.


Hitesh Dhingrani

CA Inter, 416 marks out of 700 marks

 Karan sir is very responsible, passionate and dedicated towards teaching. He also answers our questions and doubts readily and makes sure that the student has understood the concept correctly and is satisfied with the explanation. He is highly attentive and engaging towards students. He possesses exceptional skill to create and enhance students’ interest in the subject as well as course.

The energy and efforts that Padam sir put while teaching is absolutely matchless! He gives the holistic view towards acts and laws he teaches. He is very helpful and friendly. One can easily converse with him and ask doubts not only related to studies or curriculum but also can ask for other advice.

Harshit sir is the most caring and friendly teacher who has managed to make learning a joy! He teaches very effectively and comes up with different methods of learning like memory technique, mind map, revision capsule etc. He provides students with a practical approach of what we study towards how and where it is used in the real world while working as a professional.

All of these faculties are excellent tutors who go above and beyond to ensure that their students are well equipped with the material being taught in class. They not only prepare students for exams but also allow them to learn more deeply and give greater magnitude that help students in the long run to get remarkable careers!!!

Veena Narkhede

CA Finalist

Padam Sir, thanks for teaching us beyond the books and making us learn the logics behind every section in Law and solving every little doubt. You truly motivate us to work harder and harder every day.

Karan Sir is Best faculty for Costing and Management Accounting. No competition for your approach to teach and curiosity to learn. Your dedication towards teaching motivates us to study! Your words and examples stay with us till the day of the exam. Thank you, Sir, for all your guidance and support.

Harshit Sir is the most punctual faculty who makes this boring subject fun and enjoyable.

Amrita Maniyar

CA Inter, 462 marks out of 800 marks

Teachers of enrich knowledge are the brightest light on the way of C.A.

They are providing right direction for CA and any other course, teaching lajawab, concept clarity ek number 🤟🤟, confirm doubt solving and always helping student in any problem…😇😇😇


Mayur Pardesi

CA Inter

What makes Enrich knowledge distinct is their consistent focus on conceptual clarity and covering each and every aspect in depth. Our doubts have been solved always in the best possible manner so that our spirits to learn are alive. They always guide us so that we can give our best in examinations.  Contents of their material is quite vast and in an easy manner so that we can face examinations without any fear. My experience has been phenomenal over these 3 years making me understand the phrase “Learn with Fun”

Sanket Jain

CA Inter, 484 marks out of 800 marks

I am your Costing, Law and Financial Management student and really wants to say thank you so much for giving such a great knowledge… You are too good Sir aap se acha yeah subject koi nahi padha sakta… I just love your teaching style. It really helped me… They have not only given me bookish knowledge, but also taught me how to be a good human being… I think it was my best decision to join Enrich knowledge for CA classes. Sir, I am greatly inspired by you. No one is better than you for costing i.e., my favourite CA Karan Sir and for Law CA Padam Sir is best💯

Anuradha Khairnar

CA Finalist